Happiness Stack
Happiness Stack

Happiness Stack

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Be happy. Remember the bright side of everything. 
Bracelet Meaning: Everyone deserves to be happy. We know it can be hard to be always happy. Our Happiness stack is made to help make you smile. With the bright colors and perfect style it’s sure to strike a smile. When you wear this bracelet, it should inspire happiness, and the good things to come. 

Included in this stack are:

1 Aqua Pura Sunshine Bracelet

1 Aqua Pura Rare Light Blue Bracelet

*If you want two of one color, note it on your order or email us*

Every Aqua Pura Bracelet is made with Pure Howlite Beads that are meant to help relieve stress and anxiety.  
- can be worn as an ankle bracelet!
- wax-coated
- iron-coated copper "aqua pura" clasp
- All bracelets are unisex   
- adjustable from 18cm - 22cm
- Limited edition
- Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders