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"You Complete Me" Bundle

"You Complete Me" Bundle

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We combined our best meanings to create our "You Complete Me" Bundle.
Share all of our top selling bracelets, with the other person who means most to you!

Included in this stack are:

1 Aqua Pura His & Her Stack 

1 Aqua Pura Best Friend Stack 

1 Aqua Pura Yin & Yang Stack 

His & Her Meaning:

We made these bracelets for two people who mean a lot to each other.  Two people who may have distance from each other, or see each other often.  The two bracelets are meant to be worn daily to always think of the person you love, your significant other, the one who means most to you. Wear your bracelets to always remember your special person from no matter the distance.

Best Friend Meaning:

Best friends deserve their own we finally made one! We wanted two bracelets that share a resemblance but also have their own unique look. These bracelets were made to keep the bond strong. Wear these bracelets with your best friend to always keep them in mind and to keep the strong bond forever!

Yin & Yang Meaning:

Yin and Yang is described how two opposite forces may be actually complementary, making all things exist.  Wear these bracelets together or share with the one person that's total opposite from you, someone who means a lot to you still, that makes your world exist. Wear these with your significant other or your BFF.


Every Aqua Pura Bracelet is made with Pure Howlite Beads that are meant to help relieve stress and anxiety.  

- Can be worn as an ankle bracelet!

- Wax-coated

- Iron-coated copper "aqua pura" clasp

- All bracelets are unisex

- Adjustable from 18cm - 22cm

- Limited edition


- FREE Fast Shipping On All US Orders $40+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
BriAna Tirri
I love it

They’re beautiful and not what I was expecting. They’re made very well I would buy them again

Great bracelets

My girlfriend and I wear our bracelet everyday. We love it

Kaitlyn O'Brien
So amazing

They came so fast and they look so beautiful!

Erica Thompson Wilson

Beautiful bracelets and well made.