Aqua Pura's Mission

Welcome to Aqua Pura Bracelets!
We sell handmade unisex accessories and donate a portion of the proceeds to to show charitable acts in a business, as we feel it is something that's very important and should be shown more often.  We understand that giving back and paying it forward in this world is so crucial, but lacked upon.  That's why it became our mission to start with helping supply more clean water to those in need.
We want to start with donating portions of our proceeds to to help supply clean water and sanitation to people in need across the world.  Water is a fundamental need for everyone, but yet it is so hard for many to have access to clean water. has an affordable way to bring clean water to more people all over the world.  
Becoming apart of the #AquaPura family means more than just a bracelet, it's a lifestyle to always give back to those in need and to always stay positive in your daily life. 
Shop today and wear your bracelets daily to be proud of what we can accomplish together!