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Dark Soul Stack

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Bracelets Meaning: Wear this stack with a deep emotion for life.  Whether things are going good or bad, there is always a brightside to look at.  Wearing your dark soul stacks keeps this in memory to always remember the good and bad.

Included in this stack are:

1 Aqua Pura Onyx Bracelet

1 Aqua Pura Mystic Bracelet

Customer Reviews: ☆☆☆☆☆

"i have been so happy ever since i got my bracelets.  They help put me in a good mood and to it helps to always remember their meaning!" - Laura

"i love how these colors stand out but are so simple!" - Shane

Every Aqua Pura Bracelet is made with Pure Howlite Beads that are meant to help relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Can be worn as an ankle bracelet!
  • Wax-coated
  • Iron-coated copper "aqua pura" clasp
  • All bracelets are unisex   
  • Adjustable from 18cm - 22cm
  • Limited edition

Customer Reviews

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Elleanna Lausch

Aqua Pura bracelets are my favorite brand. They are high quality and made from great materials. I get my friends these bracelets and spread the word about them!