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His and Hers Stack

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These colors together, make one whole.  No matter the distance, they'll be with you.

Bracelet Meaning: We made these bracelets for two people to feel closer and share the love.  Two people who may have distance from each other, or see each other often - no matter what, they'll be with you every day.  The two bracelets are meant to be worn daily to always think of the person you love, your significant other, the one who means most to you. Wear your bracelets to always remember your special person no matter the distance.

Pink stands for love and gentleness.

Blue is for trust, loyalty, and comfort.

his and hers

 Included in this stack are:

1 Aqua Pura Blue Skies

1 Aqua Pura Pure Pink

2 Aqua Pura Card's Explaining the meaning

*If you want two blue, or two pink, note it on your order or email us*

*If you want to do her and her or his and his, please note it on your order or email us*

Customer Reviews: ☆☆☆☆☆

"My boyfriend and I live over 500 miles away and having these bracelets helps us feel connected" - Lindsay L.

"I surprised her with them for our anniversary and she was so happy!" - Connor

"Beautiful bracelets. The beads are even prettier in person" - Jess

"We love these! My bf and I wear them everyday.  The quality is great" - Vanessa

The perfect gift for any couple!

Every Aqua Pura Bracelet is made with Pure Howlite Beads that are meant to help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • can be worn as an ankle bracelet!
  • wax-coated
  • iron-coated copper "aqua pura" clasp
  • All bracelets are unisex   
  • adjustable from 18cm - 22cm
  • Limited edition

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jada Acevedo
his and her bracelets

love it

Tatum Seibt



i love the bracelets so much! the colors are so cute and the meaning behind them is adorable. i would definitely buy again!

Jordyn Hicks
Good product!

Straight out of the package it smelt weird, almost like rubber. I assume that’ll go away more as a wear it. I have not been able to wear it yet due to it being in a gift but it does seem like it would be durable to an extent. Like it wouldn’t fall apart easily but it won’t stay completely new looking after multiple months of wearing it. I’ll probably take it off in water or a sweaty environment to make sure it lasts long.

Ami Yonts
Love them

Gave one to my love for Christmas and I have the other. Also got a set for my mom and I. So I have 2 on my arm and 2 people I love have the others. Great quality great price. I love them!!!