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Mother Daughter Stack

mother daughter bracelets

Mother Daughter Stack

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Share a gift that keeps the strong bond together from anywhere.

Bracelet Meaning: Mother-daughter stack is represented by colors and meanings.

Pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others.

White is for goodness, safety and understanding.

These colors were combined into one bead, to always keep your mother or daughter in mind.  We know there is no bond like a mother and daughter.  Show it off proudly by wearing our matching meaning bracelets.

Included in this stack are: 

2 (or 3) Aqua Pura Mother-Daughter Bracelets

2 Aqua Pura Card Explaining the meaning.

mother daughter bracelets

Customer Reviews: ☆☆☆☆☆

"My daughter bought these for us and we absolutely love them! We don't want to take them off!" - JC

"My mom loved this gift. The fact that I have one too makes it even more special. States apart but always in each other's hearts" - Jewel

Every Aqua Pura Bracelet is made with Pure Howlite Beads that are meant to help relieve stress and anxiety.  

  • Can be worn as an ankle bracelet!
  • Wax-coated
  • Iron-coated copper "aqua pura" clasp
  • All bracelets are unisex   
  • Adjustable from 18cm - 22cm
  • Limited edition